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unique jewellery by Anna Mazoń

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I am delighted to present „Frozen leaves” earrings as my first tutorial. I decided to start with a project which is appropriate both for complete beginners, and those who already know a bit about the metal clay technique.
Frozen leaves are very beautiful, silver, organic earrings.

Instructions are VERY detailed, including tips about how to use metal clay in general, how to make loops, oxidize, how to make your own silver pins, etc.
Number of steps: 45
File size: 692 KB
Page count: 18
Language: English

What do you need:

-Art Clay Silver (or PMC) 10g, block
-Tissue blade or a sharp knife
-Playing cards, or pieces of cardboard of similar thickness
-Fine file
-Gas stove/ AC kiln/ any kind of gas torch
-Cutting and round nose pliers, but you can do these earrings without them
-A pair of silver earwires
-10 cm of a silver wire, or two silver pins
-2 beads you like
-Oxidizing agent or an egg
-Piece of paper, pen/pencil, scissors
-Smooth tube (a piece of a PCV pipe/ a deodorant/ a candle etc.)
-AC polishing brush, or fine metal wool dish scrubber or an abrasive pad
-Olive oil/ olive oil cream
-Optionally, a thin drill
-Optionally, a gas torch

Tutorial is in the PDF format and will be sent to your e-mail address provided by PayPal (if you want me to send the tutorial on different email, let me know) within 24 hours from receiving the payment.

11 USD / 10 EUR

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Frozen leaves TUTORIAL