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unique jewellery by Anna Mazoń

Back In the eye of the beholder 06 - hope

Hand sculpted and carved sterling silver pendant, adorned with amazing, organic textures and a small diamond (2 mm in diameter). No moulds or commercial texture mats were used to create it. It's real one of a kind.

This piece is called Hope. In a way it is my personal journal of my Dad's terminal illness. I started it when my Dad was still alive, and back than it felt like a piece simply about having hope against all odds. Then, as time was passing, I understood that hope changes all the time, depending on how things around change, how I change. It is not this positive "sparkle of hope" all the time, sometimes it's really dark, it's a hope for a good death, it's a hope for a quicker death, but it's still hope. And finally it is a hope that somehow this is not the end. The sparkle is always there, but it is everchanging like everything around it.

This piece is in my personal collection. It's around 35 mm in diameter (1.37 in).

Material: Silver
Color: Black, Clear, Silver, White
Gemstones: Diamond
Collection: In the eye of the beholder

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In the eye of the beholder 06 - hope