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unique jewellery by Anna Mazoń

Back In the eye of the beholder 10 - from within

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Hand sculpted and carved sterling silver pendant, adorned with amazing, organic textures and diamonds (2 mm in diameter and 3x 1 mm). No moulds or texture mats were used to create it. It's real one of a kind, wearable sculpture.

This piece is a natural continuation of my "In the eye of the beholder 06 - hope". It's a story about how the darkest time of your life might become an inspiration to find power within yourself. It's about coming back to the world against all odds, With new strength, new ideas and new understanding of things.
Central diamond symbolizes this initial explosion of power, starting with just a tiny sparkle in the darkest hour. Outward direction of general movement symbolizes a new start, fighting old frights and overcoming bad memories.

This piece was made for a Silver Accessories Contest 2017 where it was awarded with a honorable mention. It's around 35 mm in the widest place (1.37 in). Right now it's in Tokio and will be coming back in late Autumn, after the exhibition.

Material: Silver
Color: Black, Clear, Gray, Silver
Gemstones: Diamond
Collection: Competitions and publications, In the eye of the beholder

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In the eye of the beholder 10 - from within