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unique jewellery by Anna Mazoń

How to take care of the jewelry bought from me

Jewelry, as any other object, needs appropriate care. The jewelry offered in my gallery is made totally by hand, very often from pure silver, so it might be a bit more fragile than mass produced objects. Additionally, each of the materials I use, such as silver, gold, bronze etc, require appropriate care.

That is why:

  • The jewelry should not be subjected to extensive force (stretching, bending, sleeping in it, etc.). This applies especially to highly detailed, hand sculpted and openwork elements. 
  • The jewelry should not come in accidental contact with substances such as detergents (It’s better to take it off before bathing). In extreme situation this could lead to removing decorative oxidation or cause blackening of the silver elements in places where they should shine and destroy some of the more sensitive stones. 
  • I advise cleaning the jewelry, if necessary, with a soft brush and water with soap. The soap must not contain sulphur, which causes blackening of silver.  
  • Pure silver (999) most of my items are made of, darkens more slowly than the traditionally used silver (925). However, if the silver loses its original shine, it can be rubbed with a soft, flannel piece of cloth or special cloth for cleaning silver.
  • Jewelry with rainbow oxidant should never be rubbed with force, because it would ruin the color effect. 
  • I do not recommend using silver cleaning agents in case of oxidized jewelry. They could remove the ‘aging’ effect. 
  • I recommend storing the jewelry in zip lock bags, such as those I send the jewelry in. The bag protects the item from darkening, which allows it to keep the original shine as long as possible, without any kind of cleaning.

Keeping those points in mind will allow you to enjoy the jewelry you bought from me to the fullest, without any unnecessary repairs and conservation.