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unique jewellery by Anna Mazoń

Back Malachite duchess

Unique, super detailed, big pendant, hand made out of sterling silver, adorned with sculpted ornaments, tiny balls and natural stones. The bigger one is an impressive, beautfiful specimen of malachite. Three small stones are black Ethiopian opals with green sparkles. It's oxidized and polished to showcase all the tiny details. It's has a slightly "old", "rougher" feel - like from a treasure chest found among the ruins of a long forgotten, elven castle... ONE OF A KIND. Perfect for a nature loving person who likes romantic designs.

Total length of this pendant including articulated bail is 7.9 cm (3.11 in - it really is super eye catching, quite substantial piece). Its width is 2.6 cm (1.02 in). Totally magical, straight from a fairy tale.
This pendant comes with a green cord.

If you have any questions, please ask.
My jewellery is a tribute to Mother Nature's beautiful creations. Just look around - all this amazing abundance of forms and textures - so strikingly beautiful and inspiring. I try to convey this feeling of awe over Nature's creations into my jewellery. Thank you for looking at my pieces.

Material: Silver
Color: Black, Gray, Green, Silver
Gemstones: Malachite, Opal
Collection: Sindarin & Quenya

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Malachite duchess