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unique jewellery by Anna Mazoń

Back Memory of the Land - earrings

Bold, beautifully detailed, extremely eye catching earrings, made of bronze (sculptural elements), silver (everything else - stone settings, studs etc.) and amazing ammonites. Darkened to evoke feeling of rich soil, weathered rocks and rough ground. Only partially polished to create an interesting contrast.
Every single detail was made by hand, without using any moulds or ready findings. It's a real one of a kind, collector's piece. Signed and marked with a year of creation (in this case it's 2017, when the spirals were made).

These earrings form a set with "Memory of the Land" necklace (check the link for more photos).
It's a story about memory of the land. On a literal level - geological layers (both spirals were made by "painting" layers and layers of bronze until getting three dimensional effect) and past "trapped" in ammonite fossils. Figuratively it's a story about passing of time and how we build on it and how this what we built becomes part of the past again and again. It's about recurring cycles - similar, but never the same. It's a question about collective memory of the land and how and what we add to it.

Total length of these earrings is 5 cm (1.96 in). Their width - 2.9 cm (1.14 in). One earrings weighs 13 grams which I would describe as moderate/heavy. Comfortable but not suitable for those who like earrings you don't feel at all, when you wear them.
If you have any questions, please ask.

Material: Bronze, Silver
Color: Black, Brown, Gold
Gemstones: Ammonite
Collection: Fairytales and myths
280 USD / 230 EUR

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Memory of the Land - earrings