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unique jewellery by Anna Mazoń

Back Nature Forever

„Nature Forever” is a subtle, sterling silver bracelet, featuring symbol of inifnity adorned with tiny, sculpted details, inspired by Nature. Miniature oak leaves, acorns, other leaves, vines, bark texture...

The length of the bracelet is regulated - it can be as short as 15 cm (5.9 in) or as long as 18.5 cm (7.3 in), but if you need it to be even shorter or longer, just let me know in a message while placing an order. The main, sculptural element is 3 cm long (1.18) and 1 cm wide (0.39 in). Oxidized and polished.

The infinity symbol is traditionally used in jewellery as a sign of eternal love or friendship. For me, in this piece, it stands for eternal respect for Nature, understanding that we are a part of it, without it we simply cease to exist, and it deserves our endless love and care.
This is how this design was conceived – I made it originally for myself, as an easy-to-wear piece of jewellery, which reminds me every day that through my daily actions I can express my love for Nature. Through eco-friendly choices, through taking part in ecological initiatives, through talking about what is crucial for our common future on Earth and through many other ways.

I wanted this piece to become something more than „just” a part of my collection of jewellery – I wanted to give back something more – that's why I decided I want through „Nature Forever” to support financially some kind of an ecological goal.
I always believed that we should "Think globally, act locally" so I chose a smaller, local organization, called Sanctus Nemus, run by a friend of mine – Alicja Barcikowska – responsible for initiatives such as „EkoPrzewodnik” („EcoGuide” - environmental education site), „Ekowyborca” („EcoVoter” - a site which analizes local politics through the lense of environmental issues) and „Sanctus Nemus” itself, which focuses on environmental content and teachings in religions of the world. I believe in activism and Alicja has been doing fantastic job for years, for which, of course, she needs funds. We talked about what I can offer and what would be her expectations and we decided that from each sold „Nature Forever” bracelet I will donate 50 PLN (which is about 30% of the final profit).
I hope we will do something good together. Love the Earth!

Material: Silver
Color: Black, Gray, Silver
Collection: Evergreen collection, Forest
92 USD / 79 EUR

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Nature Forever