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unique jewellery by Anna Mazoń

Back Sadness of the Land

Beautifully detailed, extremely eye catching necklace, made of bronze (sculptural elements), silver (stone settings, jumprings, handmade clasp), amazing, really exceptional agate, garnets (eyes) and carnelians. Only partially polished to create an interesting contrast and beautifully rough textures resembling bark of the branches.

Every single detail was made by hand, without using any moulds or ready findings. It's a real one of a kind, collector's piece. Signed and marked with a year of creation (in this case it's 2017, when the focal piece was made).

It's a story about sadness of the land, invitation to reflect on what we do do our mother - Earth. On a fairytale level it's also tale about late autumn, with heavy raindrops on naked branches, rowan berries and a mysterious, ancient face with sad eyes.

Maximum width of this necklace is 6.5 cm (2.55 in), and it's length in the middle part is 6.9 cm (2.71 in). Length of this necklace (made of tiny, 2 mm, carnelians) is around 52 cm (20.47 in in). The clasp is also handmade from scratch, out of sterling silver.

With the necklace you will get a pair of delicate, silver stud earrings with carnelians (6 mm in diameter). They are a perfect, subtle addtion to this piece.

It will come packed in a nice box. If you have any questions, please, ask.

Material: Bronze, Silver
Color: Beige, Brown, Gold, Red
Gemstones: Agate, Carnelian, Garnet
Collection: Fairytales and myths

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Sadness of the Land