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unique jewellery by Anna Mazoń

Back Sol omnia regit

Unique silver pendant, adorned with two golden labradorites, totally handmade from scratch.

It was published on the cover of Metal Clay Artist Magazine, vol. 3, #4. (I add this issue of the magazine to the pendant. There is also an interview with me inside).

The name of this piece - "Sol omnia regit" is "The Sun rules over everything" in Latin. The pendant is a stylized solar cross - very old symbol used in many cultures. Four trees symbolize Nature ruled by the Sun - golden labradorite - which gives them energy to live and grow. Solar cross has four arms (in my version four trees) as there are two equinoxes and two solstices which form the whole solar year :).
Total length of this pendant (including bail) is 8 cm. It's oxidized and polished. If you have any questions, please, ask.

Material: Silver
Color: Orange, Silver, Yellow
Gemstones: Labradorite
Collection: Competitions and publications, Forest

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Sol omnia regit