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unique jewellery by Anna Mazoń

Back The Light Bringer

Amazingly detailed, small (!), openwork stag pendant, carefully designed, hand carved by me and then made in sterling silver. Adorned with a lovely, natural Baltic amber - like a drop of a liquid sunlight. It is a part of my collection of symbols celebrating our connection with Nature. Oxidized and polished.

Total length (including oak leaf shaped articulated bail) is 3,4 cm (1.33 in). It's width in the widest place is 2.7 cm (1.06 in). It's small, lightweight (4.5 g) and very subtle.

I came up with the idea for this piece around Winter Solstice – the darkest time of the year, when the day starts getting longer again. There is a lot of folk tales and legends associated with this astronomical event and one of them tells the story of the Oak King and the Holly King. Holly King reigns over the half of the year when the Sun is getting weaker, days are getting shorter, so since the Summer Solstice till the Winter Solstice. On the day of Winter Solstice the Oak King takes over again and reigns till the longest day of the year.
For me, in this legend, the Oak King is the bringer of a new light, new sun, and in my mind I somehow always associated him with a young stag. His antlers are overgrown with fresh foliage – the sign of the spring which will come inevitably after the end of winter. For me it's a symbol of hope, new beginning, little light shining in the darkest night. You can see that light between his antlers. This kind of „green” stag is actually a popular symbol. You will find it depicted both in paintings all over the world and also various kinds of crafts.

This pendant is oxidized and polished.

My jewellery is a tribute to Mother Nature's beautiful creations. Just look around - all this amazing abundance of forms and textures - so strikingly beautiful and inspiring. I try to convey this feeling of awe over Nature's creations into my jewellery. Thank you for looking at my pieces.

The pendant comes with a leather or vegan cord.
This piece is based on my original artwork - all rights reserved.
If you would like to have a pendant like this one, but with a different stone let me know. I can make one just for you!
If you have any questions, please ask.

Material: Silver
Color: Brown, Silver, Yellow
Gemstones: Amber
Collection: Animals, Fairytales and myths
180 USD / 145 EUR

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The Light Bringer