"Climbing things" pendant - two days workshop in silver

"Climbing things" pendant - two days workshop in silver

It is a two days workshop featuring really ususual, elongated beadcap construction, adorned with beautiful, fully handmade, climbing flowers (or sea motifs), interlacing coils and other small ornaments. Interesting construction techniques, making long hollow tubes without using extruder, working with coils wet and dry (various approaches) – this is what this workshop is about.

Pieces created during this class may look in many different ways - we will be focusing on several types of ornaments - roses, beautiful morning glories and sea themed shapes. We will learn how to make a matching bail for your pendant and how to assemble the pendant using sterling silver wire. As usually in case of my classes - using the same set of techniques everyone can create something slightly different.

Main objectives

- learn to make a long piece of tubing out of metal clay (hollow form), without using an extruder
- learn to create various types of ornamentation using coils (working wet and dry)
- learn how to make tiny, totally hand made roses or morning glories
- learn to make a nice and strong construction consisting of a bead cap and long piece of metal clay tubing
- learn to create and articulated bail
- learn how to assemble the bead, beadcap and the bail together in a nice, clean way.

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