Designing beautiful objects is not my only passion. I also love teaching. There is a spark of artistic potential within each of us, which is worth discovering and developing. Creating handmade jewelry allows us to embellish ourselves not only on the outside, but as well on the inside. It allows our creativity to flourish and helps us to develop an ability to transform dreams into hard matter. It's also an opportunity to get away from busy everyday life and enter the realm of imagination, taking real, handmade treasures on the way back.

I teach jewellery making classes since 2012. Every year I travel all around the world, to visit different artistic studios as a guest tutor. In my workshops I focus on metal clay technique, often combined with traditional metal smithing. For those who prefer learning at home, at their own pace, I have a selection of fantastic tutorials covering various projects.

My workshops

Here you can find a complete list of my workshops with detailed descriptions. If you are interested in attending – check my schedule, available below. If you would like me to teach in your jewellery making studio, contact me through the contact form to learn about all details.

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My teaching schedule

United Kingdom, Jewellery Schood Scotland, see more...
22nd April - „Miniature teddy bear” pendant
23rd April - „Twig ring”
24-24th April - „Heart deco” pendant

USA, Pennsylvania, SINTER conference, see more...
12-18 th May - "Pumpkin house" workshop and presentations

United Kingdom, East Yorkshire, Helen Drye, see more...
9th September - „Night scene” pendant
10th September - „Twig ring”
11-12th September- „Climbing rose”

United Kingdom, Cornwall School of Art, Craft and Jewellery, see more...
16-18th September - „Fantasy eye” pendant
19th September - „Miniature teddy bear” pendant

Workshops map

Where I was ...

Do you want to learn at home how to make unique jewellery? Check my offer of fantastic tutorials.


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