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Designing beautiful objects is not my only passion. I also love teaching. There is a spark of artistic potential within each of us, which is worth discovering and developing. Creating handmade jewelry allows us to embellish ourselves not only on the outside, but as well on the inside. It allows our creativity to flourish and helps us to develop an ability to transform dreams into hard matter. It's also an opportunity to get away from busy everyday life and enter the realm of imagination, taking real, handmade treasures on the way back.

I teach jewellery making classes since 2012. Every year I travel all around the world, to visit different artistic studios as a guest tutor and teach at international conferences. I've taught hundreds of students, designed more than 20 original classes and gave various presentations for fantastic, creative people from all around the globe. In my workshops I focus on fine details and sculptural aspect of metal clay technique often combined with traditional metalsmithing.

After more than 10 years of doing this I decided to start my own teaching studio in Krakow, Poland. Now you can visit my magical home city and take classes with me here. 
Drakonarium – my new studio - is the place where magic happens. Place of celebrating creativity, exploring exciting ideas and learning new things!

For those who prefer learning at home, at their own pace, I have a selection of fantastic tutorials covering various projects. Check this website and follow my studio - Drakonarium - on Facebook, to see information about recent additions to my collection of online learning content.

My current workshops

In my studio I offer a few different types of workshops.

  • Project focused classes

First of all I teach workshops focusing on specific projects, which result in creation of, often very complex, beautiful pieces, similar to my class samples.

Here you can find a complete list of my current workshops with detailed descriptions. If you are interested in attending – check my schedule, available below. If you would like me to teach any of these classes in your jewellery making studio, contact me through the contact form to learn about all details.

You can also gather a group of friends (up to 6 people, minimum 3) and come to Kraków to take any of the workshops listed below at the time convenient for you and combine this with sightseeing of this UNESCO listed city and closeby tourist attractions (check out Wieliczka saltmine! ).

  • Technique focused classes

These classes focus on learning various techniques rather than producing one, complex piece. You will create a couple of simpler pieces and get a ton of new, detailed knowledge about given topic. You can then easily apply what you learned to your other jewellery making creations.

Soldering on metal clay

  • One to one workshops

You can book with me any number of teaching days to focus on a project/technique/specific skill you would like to train with me.

Maybe you want to take privately any of the classes listed above, play with sculpting, learn specific type of soldering combined with metal clay or make a particular piece which you are not sure how to approach – in Drakonarium everything is possible. Contact me to talk about details.

  • Online consultations via Zoom

If you need some expert advice on a metal clay project you are working on, a little bit of help with a specific subject or a thorough and constructive critique of your pieces, you can book with me a consultation session via Zoom. I will need a detailed description of what you expect of me, to be able to prepare the best I can. I want to make it possible for you to benefit the most from the time you book with me.

Upcoming open group classes

Poland, Krakow, Drakonarium
7-9th March - „Pumpkin house” pendant
10th March - „Twig ring”

Poland, Krakow, Drakonarium
11-13th April - „Pumpkin house” pendant
14-15th April - "Herbarium" pendant

United Kingdom, Bradford, SINTER conference 
15-16th May - "Magical Key" pendant

Poland, Krakow, Drakonarium
14-16 th June - "Mushroom Dreams" pendant
17-18th June - "Heart Deco" pendant

Poland, Krakow, Drakonarium
23rd August - "Twig Ring"
24-25th August "Climbing Things" pendant

Poland, Krakow, Drakonarium
20-22nd September - "Pumpkin house" pendant
23rd September - "Night scene" - pendant

Jewellers Academy, United Kingdom
Opportunity to learn online!
Diploma in Silver Metal Clay - you can meet me in this program during one of the masterclasses in the third semester.


Price of one-to-one workshop is currently 600 EUR per day (8 hours, including a lunch break).

Price for each group workshop (up to 6 people, minimum 3) is 200 EUR per day per person
so for example:

  • 1 day workshop: 200 EUR per person,
  • 2 days workshop: 400 EUR per person,
  • 3 days workshop: 600 EUR per person

Zoom consultations: 75 EUR per hour of expert one-to-one consultation.
All prices include VAT and income tax.

Workshops don’t include the silver clay – I am not a clay supplier and I don’t sell clay – in the studio I simply have as much as I need for my current projects and I can sell silver clay only in special situations. Here you can find a list of well known metal clay suppliers. In the classes we work with Art Clay Silver 999 or any other fine silver clay which has an overlapping firing schedule therefore can be fired in the same firing.

The studio provides jumprings, earposts, bezel wire and copper/sterling sheet, selection of fireable stones and some basic cabochons etc., if needed in the class. The studio also provides bronze clay if needed for any of the classes. I typically work with Goldie Bronze and in base metal classes we stick to this brand (for the sake of being able to fire clay using one schedule for all pieces).

Other facilities

The studio provides drinks (tea, coffee, water etc.), selection of local snacks and has a fully functioning kitchen if someone wants to bring a special lunch, keep something in the fridge or heat up something.
Everything is really laid-back - Drakonarium is a very homey, relaxed space.

There are supermarkets nearby (Kaufland, Carrefour) and a couple of smaller shops. There is also an option of ordering food from many of Kraków's local restaurants.

The studio is really well connected with all other parts of Kraków via public transport. It takes around 20 min to get here from the old city center with trams 3, 9, 13 (go to the last stop, Nowy Bieżanów P+R, price 1-2 EUR), a bus (173, 503, plus 10 min walking, price 1-2 EUR) and a train from the city center (it takes 17 min, price 2-4 EUR).

I also recommend using taxis/Uber – they are very convenient, fast and realitively cheap (from the old city center to the studio it will cost betwen 8-15 EUR).

I would not recommend driving a hired car. It’s always more problematic in a big city and while there is a P&R really closeby (3 min walking distance from the studio) and some parking spaces in the area, it’s never guaranteed there will be something available without you doing a couple of circles around the place.

Kraków has a very convenient airport with connections to all parts of Europe and further afield. Kraków Balice airport (KRK) is really well connected with the city center via train (just 17 minutes and you are in the historic area), buses and taxis.

There is also a direct train connection from the studio to the airport (Wieliczka -> Kraków Balice Airport, station Kraków Bieżanów Drożdżownia).

If you plan on doing some sight seeing before or after workshops, I am more than happy to give you some recommendations or show you around a little bit. I am totally passionate about my beautiful home city.

Before you come, take a look at some taster photos taken by my super talented brother, Tomasz Mazoń, who runs a Facebook fanpage focusing on beauty of Kraków shown in photography. The fanpage is called Kraków Subiektywny.


For your stay in the area I recommend any of the hotels in the Old City Center. It’s so easy to commute to the studio from there, that it might be practical to book your stay in the historic area, to be able to do sight seeing easier on your free days and evenings.

The hotel closest to the studio would be Hotel Artur - affordable, three-star hotel within relaxed 20 min walking distance from the studio (less than 1.5 km).

The address of the studio is: Mala Gora 8D, 30-864 Krakow. You can see it's location here.

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