"Pumpkin house" - three days workshop in silver

"Pumpkin house" - three days workshop in silver

„Pumpkin house” pendant is a three days workshop packed with lots of different techniques, featuring a small, hand formed, hollow pumpkin, adorned with various, tiny details – miniature windows, doors and even a chimney. Additional adorments may include also vines, leaves or firebale gems.

It's an advanced project, perfect for those who love fairy tale like aesthetics and like a good challenge. Organic textures, interesting shapes, lots of tricks for creating openwork effects in metal clay, hollow forms and working with coils - this is what this workshop is about.

This piece can be made into a pendant, but if a student decides so, it can be turned into a tiny, non wearable sculpture or even a top of a funky ring.

Main objectives

- learn to make a metal clay, hollow pumpkin shape
- learn to create various organic looking textures on the pumpkin
- learn to contruct cut out windows in hollow form
- learn to make a secure openwork construction
- learn to make miniature wood or brick textured elements (doors, chimney)
- learn to create interesting effects using paste

List of necessary tools and materials:

- Clay - 25 grams – Art Clay or PMC fine silver. You won't use that much, but this amount will definitely be very comfortable to have.
- package of polymer clay (the studio provides that, but you can bring some if you have your favourite brand - 1/3 of a package is more than enough)
- working surface – bigger one and a few smaller ones (preferably the size of playing cards)
- roller, cards etc. all those basic things you use to work with metal clay
- fine files (round file with a very pointy end is a must! Additionaly flat an semi round file)
- something with a pointy end (stainless steel burnisher/toothpick/needle tool etc.)
- optionally a cubic zirconia
- brushes – at least two (for working wet and dry)
- something sharp for cutting clay – scalpel blade, needle tool etc.
- scissors, pencils, sketchbook
- tweezers, preferably with pointy ends, suitable to grab really tiny things.
- students can bring various tiny moulds, if they want to.
- if someone uses glasses,please, do not forget them.
- optivizors might be helpful in this class.

The studio of course has all the necessary tools, but if everyone forgets to bring theirs we migth have a problem :-). Plus it's always nicer to work with your favourite equipment that you are used to.

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