"Twig rings" - one day workshop in silver

"Twig rings" - one day workshop in silver

In this one day class Students will learn how to make an organic, romantic, silver ring, adorned with a cubic zirconia and precise, tiny ornaments. We will use silver clay to create fine twigs, decorated with bark texture, miniature leaves, flowers and other embellishments.

We will also learn to securely set faceted stones which can be fired in place. All these skills can be easily adapted to your own style, merged with your favourite techniques and used with different metal clays such as bronze or copper metal clays. The same technique can be also used later to make bangles or pendants.

Main objectives
- learn to make a base for the ring which looks like twigs
- learn to create bark texture using simple tools
- try your hand at making small embellishments
- learn to securely set fireable faceted stones
- learn different ways of finishing fired pieces to get different looks

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