"Herbarium" pendant - two days workshop in silver

"Herbarium" pendant - two days workshop in silver

In this class Students will learn to make an openwork, romantic pendant, adorned with a bezel set stone and precise, tiny ornaments. We will use silver clay to create lacy, yet strong and secure construction, which will be decorated with extremely detailed tiny leaves, flowers, forest fruits or other ornaments of your choice. We will also learn to make an elevated base for a stone and set it in a soldered bezel setting.

All these skills can be easily adapted to your own style, merged with your favourite techniques and used with different metal clays such as bronze or copper clay.
Openwork designs are a wonderful response to high silver prices, allowing you to save on material, but not on quality of your works.

Main objectives

- learn to make a proper base for openwork constructions
- learn to make an elevated base for the stone and join it safely with the base for openwork ornaments
- learn to make coiled vines
- learn to make safe and strong openwork construction
- learn to make a few types of tiny, detailed ornaments (leaves, flowers, forest fruits)
- learn to make a soldered bezel setting and set a stone in it

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