"Night Scene" pendant - one day workshop in silver

"Night Scene" pendant - one day workshop in silver

"Night scene" is a one day workshop packed with lots of different techniques, featuring a night scene – starry sky with stylized clouds, moon and a bird sitting on a branch. Wonderful textures, interesting shapes, lots of tricks for working with very small forms in metal clay (pendants are around 2 cm/0.8 in long – they are really tiny) - this is what this workshop is about.

We will use fine silver clay to create a few types of layered shapes (base of the pendant, Moon, bird, stars). Students will try a few interesting techniques of adding fine detail to their creations (swirly clouds, branches and a tiny bird). The pendant can be also used as a charm for a bracelet.

Main objectives

- learn to work with tiny, hand created templates
- learn to create various, fine details using paste
- learn to create details and textures using a fine, pointed file
- learn how to handle tiny, super delicate elements and not to break them
- have fun :-)

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