Welcome to the new studio!

Welcome to the new studio!

 This is a part of my metalsmithing corner, so where I am working on soldering, stone setting, cutting silver etc. My weird, green and grey, creative oasis .
 This is the place where to "hottest" things happen - you can hear my toch buzzing, you can see silver being heated up until it's orange or even melted.
 I really like using this bench, as it means I already sculpted what I wanted to sculpt, it is already silver (or a different metal) and now I need to work on pure metalsmithing work and finishing touches.

 And these are other areas of the new studio. Green Thinking Corner, where I relax, sketch and read. Next to it a soft rug to lie down or excercise a little bit (working with tiny details is sometimes quite hard on my body, so I love to spend some time during the day stretching or doing yoga).
 There is also a separate sculpting station, next to a corner window with the most fantastic light. When needed, in the studio area appears an additional table, perfect for a small group of students. Other guests are welcome in the lounge area - also full of green forest motifs and plants.
 I love working in this new place, where I have more space to breath, where the vibe of the place soothes the senses. Feel free to let me know if you would like to visit me in my new studio! 

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