New collection of flower lunulas

New collection of flower lunulas

New collection of totally magical, flower lunulas is finally available in Drakonaria's shop. Like always, I sculpted every single element of this design by hand, filling it with amazing, tiny flowers, openwork swirls and countless silver balls.

In this collection you will find a show stopping, bigger lunula pendant with lots of different stones to choose from (check here and here ), ultra feminine, dangling lunula earrings (check stone options here and here) and, for those who prefer smaller forms - subtle stud earrings.

Lunula is a beautiful Slavic symbol of the Moon and femininity. In my interpretation it also focuses on the dynamism of everchanging Nature and its infinite creativity. Perfect for a person who loves Mother Nature and appreciates wisdom of ancient cultures. 

Lunula is a really old symbol, but remains popular up to this day, especially among woman interested in the Old Ways of Slavs, archeology or magic.

One has to remember though that lunula appears also in different cultures. No wonder - fascination with the Moon, its cycles, light and power is simply universal for all human beings.

Those lunar analogies can link lunula also to menstrual cycle and through it to cult of fertility, abundance, and on more abstract level, broadly understood creativity.

In my opinion, lunula also reminds us that every aspect of our lives can have this cyclical nature. Nothing is contant. All those ebbs and flows are completely natural and conciously living through each of them can be a very inspiring (though sometimes hard) experience.

My blooming lunula says also something about how each phase of a cycle has different flowers. Whatever this means for you personally.

Designing and sculpting my pieces by hand, before they actually become silver, is super important to me, also because I know that pieces you are looking for in my collection often have for you a very special meaning.
That's the role of symbols in our lives.

It's no different in case of my lunula collection. By looking at this photo you can probably imagine all the changes in placement of the flowers, trying them on and off, sculpting them, making them even better... All the changes of my mind and heart. But each time it is absolutely worth it, because I know that you appreciate this vibe of my jewellery - very detailed yet organic at the same time.

I hope my flowery lunulas will take a special place in your personal worlds! Thank you!

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