Rose garden - tutorial

Rose garden - tutorial


price: 13 € / 14 $
Difficulty level:
Type of a project:
Metal clay
File type:
Illustrated pdf file
Cubic zirconia/other stone fireable in place


I am delighted to present „Rose garden” ring as my third tutorial. I recommend it to those who have already worked with metal clay technique or ambitious beginners. "Rose garden" ring is a great proposal for those who like glamorous, flowery jewellery. Being quite advanced this tutorial doesn't cover basics of working with metal clay (for example checking clay consistency, maintaining clay moisture, drying etc.). This information may be found in "Frozen leaves" tutorial and "Fingerprint of Love", which I highly recommend for beginners. Instructions are very detailed with a lot of good quality photos.

Number of steps: 67
File size: 1 MB
Page count: 28
Plus three very useful appendixes: "How to choose the right ring size", "Ring size chart" and "Natural gemstones you can fire in place".

What do you need:

-Art Clay Silver/PMC 10 g, block form, Art Clay Silver paste, 2 g
-Scalpel or a sharp knife
-Playing cards/graduated slats
-Fine file (any shape will do)
-a kiln/ a gas stove /any kind of gas torch
-AC polishing brush (steel or brass), or fine metal wool dish scrubber or a piece of abrasive pad
-Cubic zirconia or a natural stone which can be fired in place
-Oxidizing agent or an egg (if you want to blacken your piece)
-Piece of paper,pen/pencil, scissors
-Smooth roller (a piece of a PCV pipe, a deodorant, a candle etc.)
-Olive oil/Badger Balm/ Cool Slip or such
-Ring mandrel or other cylindrical thing with an appropriate diameter (for example a candle or a mascara etc.)

Tutorial is in PDF format. Printer friendly version available on request. The tutorial will be sent to an email address, provided while placing the order.

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