Baltic amber lunula

Baltic amber lunula


price: 155 € / 165 $
Length: 3.4 cm Width: 3.2 cm


Romantic, openwork, lunula pendant, full of amazing details - interlacing vines, tiny leaves etc. Made of sterling silver, adorned with a lovely, genuine Baltic amber (colour - cognac). Lunula is a beautiful Slavic symbol of the Moon and femininity and forms a great combination with Baltic amber - so important for Slavs and Balts. Perfect for a person who loves Nature and appreciates wisdom of the ancient cultures. Oxidized and polished to showcase all the tiny elements.

Total length of this pendant, including articulated bail (also lunula shaped) with carved leaves is 3.4 cm (1.33 in), and it's 3.2 cm wide (1.25 in). It comes with a black cord. If you have any questions, please ask. My jewellery is a tribute to Mother Nature's beautiful creations. Just look around - all this amazing abundance of forms and textures - so strikingly beautiful and inspiring. I try to convey this feeling of awe over Nature's creations into my jewellery. This pendant is a part of my collection of symbols telling a story of our connection to the Mother Earth. Based on my original artwork. All rights reserved.

In the last photo you can see a whole set, with earrings, which can be made as a custom order.

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