Moon gazing - lunar hare

Moon gazing - lunar hare


price: 155 € / 169 $
Length 5 cm, Width 2 cm


Amazingly detailed, openwork Moon hare pendant, carefully designed, hand carved by me and then made in sterling silver. Adorned with a lovely, natural moonstone (8 mm) - you can choose a moonstone with a blue shine or one with a pearl white shine (see further photos). It is a part of my collection of symbols celebrating our connection with Nature. Oxidized and polished. Total length (including night themed, articulated bail) is 5 cm (1.96 in). It's width in the widest place is 2 cm (0.78 in). It's very subtle and super detailed.

The motif of Moon gazing hare or simply a Moon hare is present in many cultures all around the world - British Isles, China, India, many countries of continental Europe, North and South America and also in some tales from African folklore. Hares are often associated with vitality, life force, fertility and rebirth, but also magic, travelling between the worlds and mysteries of the night. They are really feisty, fierce, independent creatures (if you've ever seen boxing hares you surely know what I mean). My hare was looking at the amazing full Moon, peacefully enjoying the beauty of Nature, but he heard something, and quickly turns towards you, to check what is the source of the sound. He definitely is a hare with an attitude. Extraordinary, magical creature. I sculpted all the details of this little sculpture by hand - every part of the hare's body, tiny moths, mushrooms and strands of mysterious mist.

This pendant is oxidized, polished and comes with a vegan cord. This piece is based on my original artwork - all rights reserved.

This pendant is available with two different stones, which you can see in one of the photos - white moonstone with a blue sheen and white moonstone with a pearl white sheen.
If you would like to have a pendant like this one, but with a different stone let me know. I can make one just for you! If you have any questions, please ask.
This piece graced the cover of "Making Jewellery" magazine- see in Portfolio.

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Huge "Thank you", once again, to Maria Gulland, who is the author of the beautiful green forest, used as a background of my website. Maria is a young, super talented artist, whose work you can find on her DeviatART page. It's already the second version of my website where you can see Maria Gulland's art...
My pendant „Lair of visions” was published in AMCAW calendar (Alliance for Metal Clay Arts Worldwide) for 2021.  This piece is made of sterling silver, milled sterling sheet, fine silver bezel wire, electroplated gold, three labradorites and two peridots. This pendant was hand sculpted using simple tools. No moulds. Every element was formed from scratch. It’s a combination of sculpting in wet clay, slip painting and dry contruction. Stone settings were soldered after firing. The bail was constructed from milled metal, combined with an ornamental element sculpted in metal clay - the elements were soldered together. This piece is a poetic reminiscence of my strolls and meditations in the forest. Forest and its gifts as a source of vision
Pendant „Sun Godddes" was published in the cycle „The best of 2019” by AMCAW - Alliance for Metal Clay Arts Worldwide. The pendant is made of sterling silver and adorned with ambers, hand cut by me and a little bit of gold.  Barbara Cetrangolo Rivolta wrote about this piece: "In a year with many artists creating innovative new work in metal clay, several artists captivated us with their artistic vision and skill. It’s our pleasure to share the inspiring work of these artists in AMCAW’s Best of 2019. We found Anna Mazon’s Sun Goddess pendant to be exceptionally intriguing. The construction of the piece - sculpted in sterling silver, highlighted in gold, and set with amber - allows for the interplay of light and dark in an endlessly fascinating way. Anna’s strong interest in Mother Nature, mythology, ancient cultures and literature all come into play. She says of her piece, "Sun is the center of our solar system, the source of light, warmth and all life. Tireless wanderers travel around it - planets, comets, asteroids on their never-ending elliptical trails. Sun is there for us every day, with its ancient wisdom and nourishing energy. It is also a vortex of fiery chaos, inferno of ongoing nuclear fusion in its center - powerful and terrifying." Anna is known for her strong but light-weight metal clay construction techniques. She stretches herself in this work by setting the beautiful translucent amber—chosen for its color and unusual pattern—on the reverse of the piece in order to backlight it."

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